Omega CONCRETE MIXERS DEliver superior VALUE

Omega presents the first bolt-together, modular mobile concrete mixer on the market. This innovation provides a cost-effective, precision-built machine that can stand the rigors of use and time. 

  • Versatile: The OM 10 can be used for any project in any industry, including roads, bridges, building foundations, pools and decks, utility infrastructure and more. Learn more about our versatility.

  • Durable:  This mixer is proven to not crack under pressure

  • Cost-effective:  increased efficiency and reduced waste, while maintaining competitive rates

  • Upgradable:  The Omega you buy today can be retrofit with new features and updates  


Omega Concrete Mixers are designed to operate as mobile batch plants capable of making a precise amount of high-quality concrete needed for any job. With Omega, concrete is freshly made on site to precise mix specifications, reducing waste while saving time and money for operators and their customers.

Building the Next Generation of Mixers!

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 Omega Concrete  Mixers was founded in 2012 with the simple idea to make mobile volumetric mixers more efficiently. We employ innovation and patented technology to continually improve the quality of our mixers and provide machines that increase capacity, reduce costs, and eliminate waste. 68% of ownership is held by women.