Omega Concrete Mixers was founded in 2012. The founders understood that volumetric mixers were the future of concrete, but they also knew these mobile mixers needed to be re-engineered and retooled to meet the demand for concrete around the globe.

"We listened to our customers and designed a mixer with the power, durability, flexibility and control to change the way concrete gets poured. People tell us all the time that we offer the best value proposition in the industry. The modular, open design coupled with nonproprietary parts significantly enhances the ROI.

In addition to a patented internal water tank, Omega has developed patent-pending technology for its monitoring and control system. Operators can have has much or as little automation as needed to manage and control their concrete, and there's always a manual back-up. Concrete isn't just concrete anymore; our mixers can do residential driveways and major dams. In fact, on continuous pour projects Omega can produce 110 yard per hour.

In contrast to the rest of the market, Omega's mixers are constructed so that future innovations and tools can be retrofitted to older models. Customers needn't worry about obsolescence.

Omega Concrete Mixers are made to last a lifetime.

In 2018, a successful investor group with experience in insurance, carbon fiber component manufacturing, entertainment and real estate purchased a majority stake in Omega. The company, which 68 percent owned by women, is positioned for the future. 

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