The Om 10

The OM 10 is our standard concrete mixing machine, formerly known as Titan. It is designed to perform a broad cross-section of jobs with fewer frills but all the benefits of quality, heavy duty construction. This 10-yard mobile volumetric mixer uses quality materials, parts, and components such as Danfoss motors, Parker high-flex hoses and professional grade wire and harness assembly. Our unique modular construction allows you to upgrade and add features.

General features

  • All modular bolt-together components with heavy duty construction
  • Standard production rate of 60 yards per hour with a five-sack mix (options to produce up to 110 yards per hour)
  • Delivers mixed material at high-discharge angle to easily accommodate concrete pumping equipment
  • Oversized 20-inch diameter pivot ring for improved material flow and reduction of buildup
  • One electrically controlled admix tank system with visual flow meter 
  • 500-gallon water tank with 50 gallons per minute 100 PSI Ace water pump and hydraulic fine water adjustment
  • Standard steel 2-foot stub shoot and 4-foot aluminum chute (additional chutes can be purchased)

Aggregate Bin and Conveyor Master

  • 10-cubic yard aggregate and sand bin with divider (55/45 split)
  • Engineered to prevent bridging
  • Individually removable panels with 7-gauge steel rear panel and 10-gauge steel sides, front and center divider
  • Aggregate bin center divider material stop with two manual gates
  • Two vibrators featuring air control and oil regulator (additional vibrators available)
  • Heavy duty conveyor master with hydraulic bel speed control
  • 24-inch wide chain-driven conveyor belt material delivery system with auto oiler
  • Designed for easy visual inspection of belt, chain and chain guides
  • Built to prevent leakage of material as it moves along the belt, keeping the chain clean
  • No-waste material stop to prevent leakage of material from conveyor when not in use

Cement Bin

  • 100-cubic-foot cement bin with low-noise vibrators comes standard (other sizes available)
  • Hydraulically driven system requires no shear pins
  • Precision auger and cement metering
  • Bin can be cleaned independent of running the conveyor
  • Weather-tight seal cover and latch

High-capacity, Advanced Designed Mixing Auger Chamber

  • Advanced high-energy 10-foot mixing auger (12-inch diameter) constructed with abrasion-resistant flighting and replaceable NI hard shoes
  • Folding and rolling action within the mixing chamber ensures improved homogenization of the mix design.
  • Sealed bearing system
  • Hydraulic horizontal left-right control

Electrical Control Panel

  • Industrial-grade weather-resistant quick-release wire harness system
  • Modular design of control system allows for easy upgrade

other features

  • Built in mixer diaper to contain loose aggregates
  • Standard 2-foot steel stub chute and a 4-foot aluminum chute
  • Rear ladder with full working platform
  • Standard colors- Omega white components with black conveyor assembly
  • Water hose provided to assist in clean up
  • Mounting kits (bolts, springs, angle irons)
  • 4 LED work lights enhancing worksite visibility 

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