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Omega has the industry’s ‘best’ value proposition...

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Omega Concrete Mixers

has changed the way that concrete gets made and delivered.

Gone are the days when concrete has to sit in traffic on the way from the batch plant, spinning in a barrel. No more compromising the integrity and quality of the concrete your customers need with 70-year-old ideas and traffic delays. Omega leads the market with unparalleled accuracy, consistency, capacity (as much as 110 yards an hour) and innovation.


Omega breaks out of the concrete mold

to build mobile continuous-pour mixers designed for today’s jobs.

Omega presents the first truly bolt-together, modular mobile concrete mixer on the market. This open, modular design produces a superior concrete mixer that is flexible, durable (no cracking) and built to perform. Our main components can be easily accessed for maintenance, repair or upgrade. That’s right, you can retrofit your Omega mixer with new features and advancements.


The Industry’s ‘Best’ Value Proposition

Omega makes the most competitively priced mixers on the market, and we do it with the best materials, components and parts. For example, we use Danfoss motors—the best in the world; most of our competitors buy motors from China. Our abrasion-resistant steel auger constitutes a dynamic mixing chamber that delivers better, more consistent concrete than any barrel.

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  • Nonproprietary Parts

  • Highest Production Rate in Industry 

  • Braided and Sealed Wire Harnesses

  • Low-maintenance Auger Bearing

  • Fully Modular and Open Design

  • Lowest Center of Gravity

We Build Mixers for Today’s Projects

Every aspect of the Omega mixer was designed with customers and their real life uses in mind.

  • Precast

  • Commercial and industrial
  • Infrastructure and road repair

  • Remote locations

  • Continuous pours

  • Shotcrete and pool building

  • Oil and gas

  • Floor/screed topping

  • Soil stabilization

  • Roller compacted concrete (RCC)


Work with Omega

Omega was founded in 2012 on the simple premise that mobile (volumetric) mixers can be made better. With 68 percent of its ownership held by women, Omega is breaking down barriers and shattering ceilings in what mobile mixers can do.

We care about your business; our performance turns on your success. To that end, we employ innovation and patented technology to continually improve the quality of our mixers and provide you with machines that increase capacity, reduce costs and eliminate waste.
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Superior design, quality components and cutting-edge innovation produces better concrete with lower operating costs and less waste..

Just ask our customers!

We’re located in Canada, not far from a competing mobile mixer manufacturer. We went to the World of Concrete Show never expecting to look at an Omega, let alone buy one. That’s where seeing is believing. The Omega team asks for dealer and user feedback, and they don’t just file it away in some remote suggestion box; they listen. We’ve been buying Omega’s for seven years, and we can honestly say that the benefits and quality of Omega’s mixers far surpass any other on the market.

Steve P. | Omega dealer and operator