Mobile Volumetric Mixers:

The Next Generation of Innovation 

The Omega line of mixers descends from and improves on the Global machines built in the early 2000s. Omega mixers are designed with flexibility, capacity, and superior durability in mind. Entirely customizable, these mixers can be as simple or as robust as needed, based on the job.

One of the most common challenges in buying concrete is ordering the right amount. Omega has the solution with a modular, bolt-together mobile batch plant that mixes the concrete fresh onsite. As a result, you not only have better, fresher concrete, but you also save money with a more efficient and environmentally friendly mixer.

Long lasting quality

Omega mixers are constructed to last. Future innovations and tools, as well as upgraded parts and components can be retrofitted to older models, making this investment long term.

We are proud to partner with Danfoss Motors, the world-class provide of power solutions to the mobile hydraulic industry. This high powered machine paired with our abrasion resistant steel auger results in a dynamic mixing chamber that delivers superior quality concrete on demand.

In addition to a patented internal water tank, Omega has developed patent-pending technology for our monitoring and control system. Operators can choose their level of automation, increasing efficiency on any job.


Ultra-High Performance Concrete

Advances in Ultra-High Performance Concrete are revolutionizing infrastructure construction. Improved formulations and new adaptations of this fiber-reinforced material offers a more durable, greener concrete for roads, bridges, dams and other essential infrastructure.


Roller Compacted Concrete

Roller compacted concrete (RCC) is a dry, zero-slump concrete used in the construction of specialty pavements, streets, and roads. RCC is set into place with an asphalt paver, but it doesn't require steel reinforcement, forms, or finishing. As a result. RCC offers many advantages in terms of durability and economy. It can withstand the freeze-thaw cycle without rutting. Learn more.